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"This is a great addition to making our home more eco-friendly!  I did not even realize I curbed against using straws for myself.  I just saved them for my boys because I don't like to use disposable items.   Now I use ecoglass straws everyday and I'll never have to use and throw away another plastic straw!"
-Gigi, Washington

"What an innovative idea.  Thank you for bringing ecoglass straws to our household!   They are not only functional and strong, but, with all the colors (especially in the sunlight), they are quite beautiful to look at.  I love when ordinary objects become extraordinary." 
      - Lora, Oregon

"The hardest part I have encountered with using my ecoglass straws at places I eat out, is I keep forgetting to ask for "no straw, please".   Just like when I first started using my reusable grocery bags, I would forget to bring them with me to the store.  Now it is just automatic like many other small routines we adhere to in our daily lives."
      - Cari, California

"These are great for the kids, very durable and being dishwasher safe is such a bonus!  I have been trying to eliminate plastic as much as possible in our kitchen and household and this is the perfect solution for one more item I did not even think of yet.  I appreciate ecoglass straws for bringing more awareness of plastic leaching in our bodies in ways we might not have considered before."
      - Christine, Washington

"Perfect, for my coffee, smoothies or anything for the kids, I use my ecoglass straws literally everyday.  Dishwasher Safe they are the perfect solution to tossing out plastics.  I feel safer having these kinds of products around for my daughter to use.  
Kelly in Hood River, OR
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